Bowzers and Meowzers™

  • 12"
Item: 41147 41148 41149 41150 41151 41152

Multipet Bowzers and Meowzers™ Plush Dog Toys are a line of adorable plush storybook characters that came to life as a dog toy. These unique characters originated from a colorful and imaginative children’s book series featuring dog and cat characters learning life lessons. Your pet is bound to love these cuddly soft dog toys. Multipet Bowzers and Meowzers™ Plush Toys are ideal for tossing, fetching, and snuggling. It squeaks too for added fun!

A. 41147 Grrronk™

B. 41148 Chewdalootie™

C. 41149 Cha Chaz™

D. 41150 Purrlonia™

E. 41151 Kittywimpus™

F. 41152 Maximum Cat™