Catabis® High Fliers

  • 3pk
Item: 80670

Catabis Nipologists at FUZZU labs have created 3 special catnip and herbal blends that will tickle your kitty’s catnipinoid receptors.

  • Active: to trigger the Zoomies and launch the fun
    • Ingredients: Catnip – North America;  Silvervine – Asia;  Valerian Root – Europe
  • Calm:  for the kitty who’s so extra and needs to bring it down a notch.
    • Ingredients: Catnip – North America;  Passionflower – Europe;  Lavender – USA
  • Tranquil: to soothe and smooth your jumpy kitty into a pile of serenity
    • Ingredients: Catnip – North America;  Echinacea – North America;  Chamomile – North America

3 Blends – – 3 moods  Collect them all!


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