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It’s all about the squeak! Dogs love the high-pitched squeaks, chirps, and other animal sounds our Squeakables™ toys make. Inside this box, you’ll find a wide variety of these toys in bright colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. There are enough variations in these toys to be certain there’s a perfect one for every playful, toy-loving furry friend. Our Squeakables™ toys are made from a soft latex that is great for gentle chewers. They encourage exercise and interaction and all of them are silly and colorful. Experience the fun when you give one to your canine companion!

Toys Inside(colors/styles may vary):

Globlet 61006
Globken 61001
Bobble Bird 51630
Silly Peas 4″ 61300
Latex Hedgehog 61372

1 review for SQUEAKABLES™

  1. Deborah Martin

    I have a pug and she loves the little round balls with the smiling faces.They are the first thing she looks for in the morning!

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