Fuzzu® The Real Cats of Whisker City

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These classy cats are fluffed, buffed and polished …but looks can be deceiving. In a blink, hiss and twitch, a smack-down can quickly become a reality (show). Binge-watch as your pup smacks and whacks these posh drama queens into a proper media frenzy.

Fifi Wigglestein: Fifi has perfected the art of looking bored. From behind her designer shades she’s judging everyone at the party, confident that she is flawless, from her chic manicure to her perfectly curated wardrobe. No doubt about it, Fifi puts the Wow in Meow.

BoomBoom Cattarini: BoomBoom is more wildcat than her flashy leopard jumpsuit. Dripping with jewels from tip to tail, she’s ready to pounce on Buffy’s bad hair extensions and rip them out by the roots. And OMG! Fifi’s hideous neon green outfit is obviously the wrong thing to wear to a pool party in Whisker Hills…what WAS she thinking? Meoowww.

Buffy McFluff: Buffy groomed herself to be a real Model of Perfection. As a teen she modeled in the Litterville, Iowa YMCA Fancypaws Fashion Show. She married the captain of the football team, but it didn’t last. Buffy wandered West with nothing but her makeup bag. She landed in Whisker Hills among the rich and famous, where they rolled out the welcome carpet. Buffy immediately shredded it.


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