Fuzzu® Wild Woodies

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Meet the tough (but friendly) Wild Woodies:

They’re tough characters — constructed with our beefed-up, 2-layer, Forti-Fuze technology, and bound by strapping-strong trim for extra durability. These husky beasts are loaded with a robust squeaker & tons of crackly crunch. They can play just about any hand (or paw) your dog deals out!

And the story begins like this:

Deep in the forest shadows lived the Wild Woodies. For generations, villagers shared legends of these mysterious & frightening creatures…Huge, hairy beasts with giant claws & gnashing, slobbery teeth, thrashing through the deep, dark forest.

And so their legend remained until one stormy day a small pack of village dogs lost their way. The terrified dogs wandered amid the deepening gloom.  Suddenly through the trees they saw a flickering light. You’ll never guess what happened next. But that’s another story.

Featured characters: Yeti Betty, Bear Pierre, and Gorilla Billy!


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