Bee Toy

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Dogs will definitly not be telling this bee toy to buzz off! Made of a super soft plush material and equipped with a built in squeaker, this toy is a great canine companion. Says “buzz off” on the back.

How great would it bee if your dog found the perfect toy? Give your pet this Bee Toy with no risk of them telling it to buzz off! Squeaky and cute, this plush dog toy is just what your dog needs as an addition to their dog toy bin. Perfect for alleviating boredom and keeping your pup mentally stimulated, the Bee Toy for dogs is a fun and entertaining way to entertain your pet .

About Our Bee Toy

Buzz, buzz, buzz! Finally, a bee that you want around! The Bee Toy for dogs is made of super soft plush material to be a fun canine companion for your pet. Equipped with a built-in squeaker, this squeaky dog toy makes a gentle noise every time it’s squeezed to keep your dog happily buzzing along through playtime. Great for indoor use, this dog toy measures 12 inches long, making it perfect for most medium to large-sized dogs.

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