Catnip Garden® Scratcher With Catnip

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This cardboard scratching wedge is the perfect toy for cats to sink their claws into. Sprinkle the desired amount of our Catnip Garden® catnip into the scratcher to entice cats and spark their curiosity!

Looking for a new cat toy for your kitty? You’ve come to the right place! Multipet is committed to developing fun, engaging, and innovative pet products that will keep both pets and their parents happily entertained. Customers have trusted Multipet for the best quality pet products since our inception in 1995. Learn more about what makes Multipet different with the Catnip Garden® Scratcher cat toy!

About Our Catnip Garden® Scratcher with Catnip

If there’s one thing everyone knows about cats, it’s how much they love to scratch. Keep your cats scratching off your furniture with the Catnip Garden® Scratcher with Catnip! This scratching wedge, made out of cardboard, is the ideal cat toy for felines looking to satisfy the need to scratch. The scratcher comes complete with catnip, which can be sprinkled on top of the wedge to further entice your pet to the area. Use the Catnip Garden® Scratcher to keep your cat happily occupied today, tomorrow, and in the future.  

Why Buy Catnip Garden® Scratcher with Catnip from Multipet?

Multipet is an internationally acclaimed pet product supplier. We design and create unique pet products for cats and dogs around the world. Not only do we love pets, but we also love the planet. That’s why we’re committed to keeping it the pet-friendly playground it was meant to be for the long haul. Our sustainable packaging and How2Recycle label program encourages customers to follow suit. 

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Disclaimer: It is recommended that all individuals supervise their pets whenever toys are used.