Bamboo Chews

Item: 51405, 51406, 51407, 51408

Our Bamboo Chew toys are the perfect addition to playtime! Made from durable bamboo fibers, they offer a longer, safer chew for dogs. Their design and material also support healthy teeth as it massages the gums while chewing. Our Bamboo Chews are also perfect for snack time! Simply adding a tasty treat to any of the open areas of the toy allows for dogs to play and enjoy their favorite snack!

Available in a variety of shapes including Bone, Chicken Drumstick, Dumbbell, and Bowling Pin!

– Bone 5.5″ #51405

– Drumstick 5″ #51406

– Dumbbell 6″ #51407

– Bowling Pin 6″ #51408


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