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Bringing awareness without saying a word 

It isn’t always easy for dog owners to explain why they don’t want someone petting their dog. Our Leash Wraps will put consumers at ease by allowing them to send a message without having to say anything at all. Whether their dog is training, nervous, or just simply doesn’t enjoy pets from strangers, we have a Leash Wrap for any situation dog owners may face.

Attention grabbing colors

When developing our Leash Wraps, we wanted to ensure they could be seen right away. By designing each style with bright, eye-catching colors, dog owners can feel confident knowing their message is displayed loud and clear.

Double Sided

Our Leash Wraps are visible from all sides. Never worry about turning your Leash Wrap to face a certain way!

Available in 7 Styles:

90600 – Working Do Not Touch

90601 – Pet Me Please

90602 – Service Dog

90603 – Do Not Pet

90604 – I’m Friendly

90605 – I’m Nervous

90609 – Training

90610 – I Need Space

1 review for Leash Wraps

  1. Tessa

    Amazing quality, versatile for lots of leashes and large writing! Other brands made smaller products that others often don’t see until too late. I hope they come out with some options for disabled pups!

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