Fuzzu® LOOfA® Dogs

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LOOfA® Dogs Gone Wild! Based on Multipet®’s celebrated LOOfA® Dog, these colorful characters take it off leash. Illustrated by the artists at FUZZU, this series of goofy LOOfA®s will keep your dog amused and wanting more. Collect them all!

Tacky Tourist: So happy to be on holiday, he’s that guy who muscles his way to the front of the line. Our Tacky Tourist is oblivious to everything except that perfect photo opp for the folks back home. Did he get dressed in the dark this morning, or is he just colorblind? At least the tour guide won’t lose him in a crowd.

Wide Retriever: Kickoff the fun with our Wide Retriever. There’ll be no sitting on the sidelines with this pup. Sniffing around the end zone, he’ll outmaneuver all the other toys in the back yard.

Rufferee: Stop the Clock! Chaos on the field! Did Ginger catch the ball, or was it an incomplete pass? Was there interference from Bruno? Who was ruffing the passer? Was that a touchdown? Only our Rufferee can make the call.

Yapster: This hip guy has mastered unfashionable fashion…He’s too edgy for his own horn rims. Yapster is so open-minded that he rejects almost everything. Effortlessly cool, his witty banter and dope taste in Indie music will rock your dog’s socks off


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